A layman’s guide to understand the concept of Vertical Farming

For understanding the need/concept of Vertical Farming, let’s take an analogy.

Consider human beings. Not very long ago, people used to live in individual row houses (and many lucky ones still do ?). Now consider the fact that human population keeps on increasing every year but the amount of land available in a city/vicinity remains almost constant. Thus, amount of land available per family reduces every year. With this consistent change, not everyone could afford to stay in individual houses and so came the concept of housing societies and apartments wherein houses are stacked one atop another to ensure that same amount of land area can now be used to house many more families and thus came the world of vertical living.

Now, apply the same analogy to agriculture. With a consistent increase in human population thereby resulting in a consistent increase in food demand, the demand for food production is rising every year. In parallel, the amount of arable land available for agriculture is not even remaining constant but diminishing every year due to rapid urbanization (at least in Indian context). As such, to meet the growing demand within limited availability of land; organizations, scientists, agriculturalist, professors, hobbyists and many more individuals and groups have tried different ways and means of growing plants one atop another. The sum total of all those efforts has resulted in development of different techniques used to grow plants in vertical layers thereby leading to advent of a different branch of farming called Vertical Farming. Vertical Farming, thus, can be defined as any farming technique that can help in growing plants in vertical layers thereby archiving higher yield per sqft of land area used.

Gaurav is an entrepreneur whose first Start-up was focused on providing services to patients suffering from Chronic Diseases. While researching about the causes of lifestyle diseases and the ways to reduce their incidence, he chanced upon the idea of growing healthy and nutritious food using advanced farming techniques.

He founded CityGreens with a mission to enable City Dwellers to access Safe, Healthy and Fresh food.

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