Five reasons why you should have your own Kitchen Garden

One can’t even begin to stress the importance of growing your own greens and veggies. In this world of highly adulterated food, getting a Kitchen Garden is probably one of the best investments that a family could make in their health. Below are a few benefits of growing your own greens and veggies:


Much higher nutritional content

Crops start losing nutrients as soon as they are harvested. A study by the University of California shows that Spinach loses 100% of its Vitamin C content within 4 days post-harvest. Peas lose 51% within 24 – 48 hours. This often means that the fruits and veggies that you buy at your retail shelves are devoid of much nutritional content. You can access this study here. On the contrary, fruits and vegetables from your own garden have much higher nutrient content as compared to the ones that have traveled several thousand miles to get to your grocery store.


Inculcating healthy eating habits in children

Children are curious by nature and they love to learn new things. Getting your kid involved in managing your Kitchen Garden will not only ensure that you get to spend quality time with her but will also inculcate a sense of responsibility and ownership in her. And once your kids know that the greens and veggies are coming out of plants they have grown, chances are high that they will prefer eating more of the greens and veggies they have helped to grow rather than gulping on junk food.


Highly effective natural air filter

Plants act as natural filter taking in Carbon dioxide and other pollutants and giving fresh Oxygen. In today’s hectic urban life, one of the major problems we deal with on daily basis is a high level of pollution. A kitchen garden next to your balcony may not only help in improving your indoor air quality but may also help in reducing your stress level by adding greens to your surroundings. In a housing society, if everyone makes good use of their balcony or courtyard to plant greens and veggies then both, the quality of air and the decor will improve drastically.


Herbs are detoxifying

Fertilizers and pesticides have become part of our food chain so it is very important that we should add herbs in our food which detoxifies the chemicals from our body. Few herbs and veggies which are either detoxifying agent or are easy to plant are coriander, mint, tulsi, celery, fenugreek, spinach etc. Although we can buy these herbs from the market, we will never know what pesticide or harmful chemicals were used in growing them. So better to grow these herbs at home.


Cut down on food waste

How many times have you bought a bunch of exotic celery or lettuce or rosemary most of which ended up in a trash can as all you needed were only a few leaves and not the full bunch? How many times have you wanted to buy the exotic salad greens but stopped yourself because the quantity available on retail shelves is much lower than what you needed? With a Kitchen Garden, one may use only as much as needed ensuring zero wastage and 24×7 access to fresh herbs.

Even after all these tangible benefits, many of us do not set up our kitchen garden because we live in apartments and are always short on space. It is exactly to solve this problem, that we have designed a vertical garden, CG Kitchen Garden Mini that takes only 1 sq. ft. of space and enables you to grow 12 different herbs and greens. So all you need to find is 1 sq. ft. in a balcony or near a window that gets a few hours of sunlight every day and you can enjoy all the benefits that people having large Kitchen Garden enjoy. Our CG Kitchen Garden range is now available at Amazon. You can check out your’s here.

Gaurav is an entrepreneur whose first Start-up was focused on providing services to patients suffering from Chronic Diseases. While researching about the causes of lifestyle diseases and the ways to reduce their incidence, he chanced upon the idea of growing healthy and nutritious food using advanced farming techniques.

He founded CityGreens with a mission to enable City Dwellers to access Safe, Healthy and Fresh food.

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