CityGreens Consumer Awareness Initiative. Empowering consumers to check for adulteration in fruits and vegetables

If you think that you have been ensuring a good health for your family by including a lot of green vegetables and fruits in their diet, you may be in for a surprise. While including a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet is important, what is equally important is to ensure that these fruits and vegetables are free of any adulteration and if possible, ripened naturally rather than using artificial and often dangerous means.

Looking at Indian scenario, the two main challenges we see consumers face day in and day out are to do with adulteration and chemical ripening. To spread awareness and empower consumers to figure out how to pick healthy vegetables and fruits when they go shopping, we are launching an awareness campaign through CG University. In this campaign, every Friday we will publish a new article and try to cover one specific food item to help the consumer understand what can go wrong with it and how to pick the right ones when they go grocery shopping.
In the first of this series, we will look at food adulteration in general.
Food adulteration is quite prevalent in India. Many would not know that like milk and spices even vegetables are being adulterated quite extensively. Below is video clip byIN THE NOW’ that shows some of the ways food is being adulterated.

After seeing this clip, you may be wondering if your food too is going through similar cosmetic treatment before being available on retail shelves. We plan to help you find answers to that and many such queries in the coming weeks. Do check back next Friday wherein we will cover what adulterants can be present in Frozen peas and how to find out if the one stored in your refrigerator’s freezer is safe for consumption.

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Gaurav is an entrepreneur whose first Start-up was focused on providing services to patients suffering from Chronic Diseases. While researching about the causes of lifestyle diseases and the ways to reduce their incidence, he chanced upon the idea of growing healthy and nutritious food using advanced farming techniques.

He founded CityGreens with a mission to enable City Dwellers to access Safe, Healthy and Fresh food.

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