CityGreens Consumer Awareness Initative. How to check for adulteration in Eggplant

How do you choose which eggplant to pick when you go vegetable shopping? If you follow conventional wisdom, you would likely go for the shinier and smoothest one of the lot. The adulterators know that well, that is why they ensure that the brinjals on vegetable shelves look smooth and shiny.
Adulterants used in Brinjal
A wax coating on eggplant ensures that it
  • does not lose water (helps in extending shelf life)
  • looks shiny and smooth (helps in enhancing appearance)
Engine Oil or Silica Spray:
A coating of engine oil serves the same purpose as wax. Use of purple color silica spray further adds to the appeal by making it appear shiny and rich.
How to identify for adulteration in eggplant
  • Scratch the peel of brinjal with a spoon. A white substance at the end of the spoon will show the presence of wax.
  • Take a cotton swab dipped in liquid paraffin wax (or you can try with a handy nail polish remover). Rub it on the outer surface of vegetable. Presence of purple color on cotton would indicate the use of Silica dye.
How to remove wax from eggplant
Make a paste of baking soda and white vinegar. Apply this paste to Eggplant. Rinse it and dip in warm water for a few minutes. This will help in separating wax.
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