Five dietary habits, that are easy to follow, for good health

 If you put banana and money in front of monkeys, monkeys will choose bananas, because monkeys do not know that money can buy a lot of bananas – Jack Ma
What about humans? What if one puts health and money in front of humans? What will they choose? Often, humans will settle for a poor work environment, stressful jobs and long periods of inactivity to earn a few extra bucks. Extra Bucks, that can come in handy when the sedentary lifestyle takes its toll on one’s health.
Not everyone enjoys the luxury and time to hit the gym, but everyone can bring in some simple changes in their lifestyle that promote good health. Below, we look at a few such eating habits that wouldn’t take much effort on your part but can lead to bringing significant improvement in your health.
Use your biological clock to your advantage:
Eat your regular meals and snacks at the same time each day. This adapts your stomach to produce enzymes and hydrochloric acid, needed for digestion, at a fixed time. This will help reduce the incidences of gastric attack and minor ulcers.
Don’t allow hunger pangs to spoil your mood (and your sugar levels):
Instead of few large meals, instead, eat few small meals at regular intervals. Eating food at regular intervals will provide your body with a constant supply of energy. If you have a constant supply of energy, your mood tends to be more stable and your brain will be energetic. If you are energetic, you will analyze your situation-at-hand in a better way. This will bring happiness for sure!
Don’t skip your meals, especially if you are super busy (you will need that energy to be on top of your agenda):
Sometimes skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner may seem to be an easy way out when you are late for some event. This can be potentially harmful to your health if it keeps on recurring often. You may end up getting weak, having a headache and feeling fatigued.
Eat Right:
Eating the right food is as important as developing a habit of eating at the same time every day. Not everything edible is good for health. With an ever-increasing illness related to food habits these days, it’s really important to know what to eat and how much. Increase the greens, cut down on processed food.
Stay Hydrated:
Water helps in flushing out all the toxins from the body. Drink around 2 liters of water a day. For every cup of coffee or tea, take one extra cup of water. Taking a glass of water half an hour before meal time will help you feel full and avoid over-eating.
These are few simple lifestyle habits that won’t take much effort to develop. Follow these strictly for a week and you will feel super energetic and happy after this.
Stay Healthy!

Gaurav is an entrepreneur whose first Start-up was focused on providing services to patients suffering from Chronic Diseases. While researching about the causes of lifestyle diseases and the ways to reduce their incidence, he chanced upon the idea of growing healthy and nutritious food using advanced farming techniques.

He founded CityGreens with a mission to enable City Dwellers to access Safe, Healthy and Fresh food.

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