The story behind CityGreen’s first failure – Gaurav Narang in an interview with GoodVitae team

In a recent interview, we were queried about the initial failures and struggles, if we faced any?

Yes, we did. In fact, it was because of these failures, that we got the idea behind our first product. Here goes the story behind CG Kitchen Garden’ (Patent Pending) as was told in the interview by our founder Gaurav Narang.

Can you tell something about initial failures and struggles that you faced?

“Being a bootstrapped start-up; at CityGreens, failures and struggles are a part of every single day. However, we experienced the greatest problem even before we could launch.

A month before setting-up CityGreens, we created an innovative product design and focussed all our energies on building it. It was the only idea we were working on at that time and took us around three months from design to come up with the first prototype.

During the final pre-market test phase, it clicked on all the counts but one. However, the product may not have worked as envisaged because of failure on that one count. We decided to drop it. It happened one week before our planned launch. Also, we had no other option at that point.”

How did you handle your failures?

“We handle all struggles and failures the same way; We take a break, sometimes a couple of hours, at times a couple of days, to clear up our mind, and then we start again. It’s necessary to evaluate our mistakes and learnings and try not to commit the same errors again. We take one step at a time. Like a marathon runner, we don’t focus on the entire 42 km but on the next 10 meters, and then the next 100, and before we know we are back on our feet sprinting towards the finish line.

In the above case, the first thing we did was to postpone our launch by a couple of weeks. Then, with time on our side, we did a critical analysis of our failed prototype and drew inspirations from a small component in that to come up with our next product concept, ‘CG Vertical Kitchen Garden.’ We doubled down our efforts, redesigned a completely new product, filed for a patent, changed our website plan and design, rebuild it, and then launched it on time.”

You can read the full interview here

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