Closure of CityGreens Consumer Awareness Initiative on Adulteration in Common Food items.

We started our Friday weekly series on Adulteration in common household items some five months back. Initially, we had planned for it to be a five-week series but owing to the overwhelming response we received; we extended it for another fifteen weeks.

Today’s article is the last one in the series. Here we are summarising all the adulteration related blogs covered so far. If you need to revisit any or may have missed any, you can go through the links below. PN that our regular Tuesday blog articles will continue as usual on CG University section of our website.

  1. Adulteration in Green Peas.
  2. Adulteration in Watermelon.
  3. Artificial ripening of Banana.
  4. Adulteration in Egg Plant.
  5. Adulteration in Okra.
  6. Adulteration in Apples.
  7. Adulteration in Tomato Ketchup.
  8. Adulteration in Cabbage.
  9. The myth around Plastic Rice.
  10. Adulteration in Tea Leaves.
  11. Adulteration in Coffee Powder.
  12. Adulteration in Honey.
  13. Adulteration in Milk.
  14. Adulteration in Ice Cream.
  15. Adulteration in Sugar.
  16. Adulteration in Red Chilli Powder.
  17. Adulteration in Wheat Flour.
  18. Adulteration in Black Pepper.
  19. Adulteration in Turmeric Powder.
  20. Artificial ripening of Mangoes.

On a parting note, this series would not have been successful but for the response and encouragement received from our readers. We thank you all for supporting us in our endeavor to spread awareness and promote a healthy lifestyle.


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