How to grow and care for Cucumbers

With the current advancement in the field of medicine, health experts and nutritionists have found numerous benefits in certain fruits and vegetables. In fact, eating healthy food reduces the risk of cardiovascular illness, certain types of cancer, obesity, skin diseases, etc. Starting in this segment, we will touch upon some easy to grow vegetables/fruits that are both beneficial and are not too rigid about their requirements for growth. The kinds, that can grow anywhere and in all available conditions.

To start with – let us see how to grow a cucumber plant.

Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) is one of the most popular vegetables of the family Cucurbitaceae, along with squash and different kinds of melon. Cucumber is a summer crop and needs ample amount of sunlight and moderate to a high temperature for growth. Cucumbers are rich in water (90 to 95 percent) and poor in calories, fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Its water-rich content makes it very good for hydration and helps to flush out different toxins from the body.

Important parameters for growing Cucumber:
Cucumbers are one of the highly recommended vegetables. Growing cucumbers in a kitchen garden as well as in hydroponics is an easy task.  Following are the important parameters that one need to know while growing cucumbers.

  • Germination: 6- 7 days, can be speeded up to 3-4 days at a higher temperature (26 C to 32 C)
  • Sunlight: full sun
  • Grow Medium: well drained with high fertility
  • pH: 6-7
  • Height: 1 to 6 feet
  • Spread: 1 to 6 feet
  • Time to the first harvest: 40- 45 days
  • Fruits yield per vine: 5-6 fruits


  • Stripped or spotted cucumber beetles
  • Aphids
  • Squash Vine Borers


  • Cucumber has got a cooling effect.
  • It is ideal for people who have jaundice and allied diseases.
  • Very useful in preventing constipation.
  • In traditional medicine, cucumbers are used to treat headaches.
  • The seeds are diuretic. (i.e., it causes urination which enables treatment of kidney ailments)
  • The juice can be used as an acne treatment and a soothing remedy for tired, puffy eyes.
  • Cucumber paste can be used as hair conditioner, refreshing skin tonic, anti-blemish face mask, cooling summer bath.
  • It contains phytonutrients called cucurbitacins which inhibits cancer cell development.

It’s a very easy to grow vegetable and a must to beautify your spaces and simultaneously fill you up with what is beneficial and safe. So do give it a try.


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