Mushroom Cultivation has gathered immense interest and promise in the current times. There are numerous types of mushrooms – while most of them are deemed fit for consumption – some of them can be fatal! A thorough study is required before getting into cultivation and consumption.

Real Chanterelle Mushrooms – This kind is generally inedible!

Most of the edible variants of mushrooms are low in fat, calories and sodium yet rich in many other essential nutrients/ This makes mushrooms an ideal food choice to be included as part of any nutritious diet. They are also edible in dried and powdered forms. While its only in the recent times that mushroom consumption has increased in India, they have been a staple in American and European regions.

The advancement in the processes for storage and transport ensure that mushrooms can now travel longer. China, thus, is the worlds largest manufacturer and exporter of mushrooms contributing to almost 70% of the worlds Mushroom production!


Shitake Mushrooms- considered Medicinal

Cultivation Considerations

The process of growing a commercially viable mushroom crop is a little expensive.  It is, therefore, only in the recent times that certain universities and farms have started educational and experiential learning programs.

Unlike most crops that have their life in the seed, the cradle of life for mushroom is a spore. Right conditions help in the intense and rapid growth of these special edible fungi! Temperature, moisture, aeration are all critical elements that ensure rapid growth. Insufficiency at any point in time would stop the growing process completely.  It is imperative that water addition for the mushroom is right. Too little water can limit the fungi and bacteria growth while too much would block the spores and disallow the oxygen.

The raw materials that can be used to influence the growth of mushrooms are extremely variable. Raw materials such as straw and other supplements provided determine how well the mushroom will grow.

Small Mushrooms

Mushrooms are generally harvested within 100 to 110 days. In order to ensure that they remain fresh, it is essential to refrigerate and store them in temperatures between 35 to 45 degree Fahrenheit (1 to 7 degrees Celcius). They need to continue to breathe and hence suitable packaging medium is essential!

Given the need for controlled water and nutrition, Mushrooms are a good crop to grow hydroponically. If scientifically processed and cared for with proper control and monitoring of the relevant factors this kind of cultivation can be extremely rewarding.

Fly Agaric Mushrooms- also classified as poisonous!

This spurs us to try something out at our Research Centre! Watch out for this space as we will post the details here once our journey in this specific crop commences! Till then enjoy this image of an edible garden of mushrooms!!


Sometimes you choose your profession. Sometimes God chooses your profession for you. For me it was the latter – The quest to find purpose and expression came in the form of my work. A connection with soil, water, growth and life.

As a kid, I would secretly wish that grown-up life was just like my childhood – running around luscious green fields, feeding the farm cows, chasing and being chased by hens, goats, cousins, the wind in my hair, the rain on my face, the smell of the earth after a rain, and the sound of non-stop laughter.

It was a sad day, when I realised that my wish was just that – a wish! Its been a personal mission for me to recreate the magic of my childhood in any way possible and contribute to clean air, smiling faces, nourishing food, happier homes all with a sense of awe and gratitude. Thus I found my way to CityGreens – here I help people sow, plant, nurture, care and harvest plants. Through plants a better home and life.

When I was not running around and playing with my cousins and farm animals I also managed to do my B.Tech and MBA.

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