Setting up a Simple NFT System at home:

Nutrient Film Technique or NFT is a simple system to deliver nutrient enriched water to the plants. At our research center at City Greens, we have been working on multiple crops and various types of Hydroponic systems. For training and research purpose, we have set-up a simple NFT system.

The NFT system works on the principle of supplying a running stream of nutrient-enhanced water. This supplies the plant with all the necessary nutrition required for its growth. NFT is best suited for all kinds of green leafy plants.

Set-up Process Steps:

  • 4" pipes with 2" holes every 6"Take three 4-inch pipes and arrange them parallel to each other. Drill holes of 2-inch diameters with 6-inch spacing between holes. The hole diameter is based on the dimension of the net pots and the spacing is to ensure enough space for the plants to grow.
  • The pipes are clamped on a plank/ board so as to ensure that it remains fixed and does not move.PVC Pipes joint together with a water flow pipe
  • We are providing a tilt /incline to each of the pipes to enable the water to flow with the help of gravity. This ensures that the roots receive sufficient water at all times.
  • The ends of the pipes are connected using bendable (mouldable) thinner pipes as shown in the image. This will create a channel for the nutrient-enriched water to flow.


A submersible pump in the Water tank/Reservoir

  • One end of the last pipe is connected to a reservoir/tank. A submersible pump is connected to enable pumping the water into the system at regular intervals and at the desired flow rate.
  • At times, depending on the roots size and structure, the roots might be unable to reach the flowing stream. An additional top feed might need to be provided until the roots grow sufficiently long.
  • Alternately, we can experiment with different sizes or shape of the pipes/channels so as to enable the water channel touches the roots and ensures plant growth.

We will soon update pics and videos of our functional NFT systems that can be set up by everyone at their homes.

Happy Gardening!

Sometimes you choose your profession. Sometimes God chooses your profession for you. For me it was the latter – The quest to find purpose and expression came in the form of my work. A connection with soil, water, growth and life.

As a kid, I would secretly wish that grown-up life was just like my childhood – running around luscious green fields, feeding the farm cows, chasing and being chased by hens, goats, cousins, the wind in my hair, the rain on my face, the smell of the earth after a rain, and the sound of non-stop laughter.

It was a sad day, when I realised that my wish was just that – a wish! Its been a personal mission for me to recreate the magic of my childhood in any way possible and contribute to clean air, smiling faces, nourishing food, happier homes all with a sense of awe and gratitude. Thus I found my way to CityGreens – here I help people sow, plant, nurture, care and harvest plants. Through plants a better home and life.

When I was not running around and playing with my cousins and farm animals I also managed to do my B.Tech and MBA.

4 thoughts on “Setting up a Simple NFT System at home:

  • Bharti says:

    Nice content! Well explained.

  • Abi says:

    Hi Nidhi,

    Thanks for sharing your experience! It was very informative and enabled to get a sneek peek to the world of hydroponics.
    I am a gardening enthusiast based out of hyderabad and want to learn and apply hydroponics farming techniques and contribute to a cleaner and healthier produce.

    Do you have any centres in hyderabad as well or do you conduct workshops for people like me to learn and get a handson experience?

    Please suggest any pointers to materialize my interest.


    • Hi Abi,

      We do a once a month – 1 day basic workshop in Bangalore. The focus is on basics and for absolute beginners who wants to understand and explore concepts of Hydroponics.
      We also do a once a quarter – 3 day advanced workshop in AHmedabad. The focus here is on in-depth learning and exploring Urban Farming concepts from a point of view of setting up commercial operations.

      You can reach out to our team at +91 831 031 2660 or write to us at to expolre either of these.

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