Small steps towards pesticide free food

We have been on a journey of getting into homes and spaces.

All by trying to assist and facilitate understanding among our patrons and enable all to join us in growing your own veggies and herbs.

Today we would like to share some insights into the reason we set out on this journey.

A) Why it is so important to us


B) What we aim to accomplish!

Among the many laurels, we as Indians applaud ourselves for… there are some dark corners that we have to work towards recognizing and doing our bit to eliminate the same.

And the most basic element of this is what we eat!
While we are in a phase of sufficiency and availability of food. We need to understand the contents of these foods we consume and also what we can do to assure that we eat the right food!

This is not a blame journey.. it is a pure attempt to make a start towards making each one a little more aware and accountable and responsible about what he/she eats – Simultaneously, generating a  basic appreciation effort and the dedication needed to grow the same!

Most of the grave and fatal diseases such as Cancer have a certain pool of reason.

The main being

  1. Harmful habits or addictions such as smoking and drinking.
  2. The food consumed.
  3. Lack of Physical activity
  4. Various Radiations
  5. Deadly infections and Virus attacks.

As we can see, there are factors that are within our reach to control and change. And that is what we can attempt to do. The rest as always we leave in the Hands of The Almighty God!

Whatever food we consume today is laden with a lot of elements with various terminologies. Some of which we understand some of which we cant!

Hence it is vital that we make an attempt to try our bit to start growing and consuming what we grow in the limitation of what we can.

Why is this important to us?


  1.  We want that each one understands and realize that growing basic veggies and herbs is possible.
  2.  If we grow something on our own without the use of harmful pesticides – that input into our bodies and those of our children will ensure that we are investing in the most valuable aspect of life- Health!
  3. This will also increase our respect and value for those who tire themselves out to provide for our food needs! – The farmers.
    Not everyone does something out of choice – sometimes it is out of desperation!
    So when we read of farmers committing suicide – the least we can do is understand the magnanimity of their efforts!!
    So we through the means of saving on resources and time – are trying to put in place a movement that actually capitalizes fresh growing and fresh consumption!

What do we aim to accomplish?

  1. We aim that each family at least attempts to grow in his available space whatever he can.
  2. We aim to eliminate pesticide from foods – to the extent that that becomes the norm by which every consumable item operates!
  3. We aim to transform the barren, dried and available spaces within India into lush, healthy greens – that are valued and looked on with deep pride and respect!

We stand alone looking into the future – Believing that each one is entitled to food that is fresh ,clean and accessible.!

Im sure you will join us in making this happen!


Sometimes you choose your profession. Sometimes God chooses your profession for you. For me it was the latter – The quest to find purpose and expression came in the form of my work. A connection with soil, water, growth and life.

As a kid, I would secretly wish that grown-up life was just like my childhood – running around luscious green fields, feeding the farm cows, chasing and being chased by hens, goats, cousins, the wind in my hair, the rain on my face, the smell of the earth after a rain, and the sound of non-stop laughter.

It was a sad day, when I realised that my wish was just that – a wish! Its been a personal mission for me to recreate the magic of my childhood in any way possible and contribute to clean air, smiling faces, nourishing food, happier homes all with a sense of awe and gratitude. Thus I found my way to CityGreens – here I help people sow, plant, nurture, care and harvest plants. Through plants a better home and life.

When I was not running around and playing with my cousins and farm animals I also managed to do my B.Tech and MBA.

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