Children exploring our research center

At the beginning of this year, we had written about encouraging children to learn and explore nature through growing their very own Urban Farm!

Recently we were glad to receive a bunch of kids at our research center. Like in most cases, this initiative was spearheaded by the children’s school. They were asked to figure out ways and means to grow food from alternate means. There was also a requirement that they explore how to grow them in outer space conditions.

Engrossed in caring for the little saplings!

Their natural inquisitiveness and enthusiasm roped the parents in. These parents and kids set out on a mission to explore the options of figuring out how to grow food unconventionally. The kids, accompanied by their parents, came to our Research Centre and were intrigued and full of questions about all that they saw and experienced.

As in most cases, it was the kids who drew their parents to this new world of possibility and understanding.

Peeking into the Future!

The parents and kids described their day at our Research Centre as a day well earned!

The kids got involved in the details of everything they saw and experienced. They were more than happy to engage in all the activities involved like sowing, watering etc. There was also a barrage of questions that they had and ones we were only happy to answer!  Not to mention a deep desire to want to learn and do more and implement the same in their surroundings. They have also written a Project Report on how to grow food on Mars and we at City Greens are sure that this would have been received with great accolades at their school.

We are sharing this with our readers to let you know that we need to encourage our children to learn and explore through experiential learning.

Key takeaway for the parents:

  • Grow your own food
  • It’s easy and simple and doable
  • Eliminates the need to be over dependant on others
  • Develops a feeling of purpose and fruitfulness- literally!
  • Helps us appreciate the effort care and patience gone into growing food

Soilless growing using coco peat and Hydroponics are introduced to kids at younger grades itself in many schools. if real and practical and experiential setups are established this will nurture and fuel the child’s imagination and interest and result in many more advancements and much-needed breakthroughs in the stream of agriculture.

We encourage all Households and especially Learning Institutions to partner with us in bringing about this change and enabling many more to take up home growing.

Do come over to visit us and write in to share your stories and experiences of Hydroponic Growing…

Happy Growing!

Sometimes you choose your profession. Sometimes God chooses your profession for you. For me it was the latter – The quest to find purpose and expression came in the form of my work. A connection with soil, water, growth and life.

As a kid, I would secretly wish that grown-up life was just like my childhood – running around luscious green fields, feeding the farm cows, chasing and being chased by hens, goats, cousins, the wind in my hair, the rain on my face, the smell of the earth after a rain, and the sound of non-stop laughter.

It was a sad day, when I realised that my wish was just that – a wish! Its been a personal mission for me to recreate the magic of my childhood in any way possible and contribute to clean air, smiling faces, nourishing food, happier homes all with a sense of awe and gratitude. Thus I found my way to CityGreens – here I help people sow, plant, nurture, care and harvest plants. Through plants a better home and life.

When I was not running around and playing with my cousins and farm animals I also managed to do my B.Tech and MBA.

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  • Ragini Singh says:

    I am planning to come down Bangalore From Kolkata on 15th September. Will I be able to get a chance to have a look of hydroponic farming.. Where I can visit.

    • admin says:

      Yes. Please connect with us on 84315 32978

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