Valentine @ Citygreens!

Dear Readers,

Welcome to our Valentine Celebrations!

I am sure each of you in your ways have made the most of the Valentines day and we thought it best to include each of you in our celebration here at City Greens.

Keeping in tune with what we believe and what we grow- Everything with a purpose!

This week wed like to share and showcase a little something about the wonderful flowers at our Research Centre.

  1. The Evergreen Cauliflower!
  2. and the Carnation Marigold!

For us who are striving to grow beautiful and pesticide free veggies;he beauty  and joy of seeing a cauliflower  was a perfect Valentine gift !The gift was received now. But the journey of it began some time back . Around 4 months ago when

  • We planted the seed directly into grow bags .
  • One seed per grow bag.
  • These grow bags were filled with a mixture of coco peat, clay balls.
  • Initially we used the NPK Nutrition for the first 2 months.
  • The Citygreens Greens Combo nutrition was provided as per the feedchart .
  • Regular care and careful monitoring of pests made it a beautiful sight to behold.
    Especially when we found the “curd” all set and growing.

In a few days time we will harvest these beautiful cauliflowers . We are definitely counting on a distinct and yummy tasting!

One that will differ from the normal store bought ones.

We were  also greeted with a pleasant surprise in our flower growing endeavour!
While we were rejoicing over the beautiful cauli – “flower” gifts- we were surprised by the unexpected and beautiful marigold flowers.

Why surprises you may ask?  Because, while we were expectantly waiting for the typical orange variant, we were pleasantly greeted by  a pale coloured marigold. We thought that this was going to be stage and very soon the pale will become a deep yellow or orange. But that was not to be so!

But this very pale English colour makes it an ideal, cosy and warm experience.So for a moment we did feel that they were carnations! Since it looked very similar to a carnation variant that is easily available in the market! And such are the simple and cute joys of the daily growing experiences 🙂

The centre Marigold looking like a Carnation!


A Real carnation flower

The week easily was one of much satisfaction and joy with respect to the living growing gifts received by us!

What did we give in return to the Polyhouse you may ask…Well we are happily revamping it to give it an all new and beautiful look!

All Sleek and modern!

Watch this space for the updates on our newly revamped Polyhouse. Shortly we will share our learning and experiences with the structure changes and with the ease of growing and setting up the same on the many rooftops that are yearning for a similar world of growing greens!
And we would be more than  happy to replicate the same for each of you in your home spaces!So reach out to us to help us transform your space to a world of growing wonders!!

Happy Growing!


Sometimes you choose your profession. Sometimes God chooses your profession for you. For me it was the latter – The quest to find purpose and expression came in the form of my work. A connection with soil, water, growth and life.

As a kid, I would secretly wish that grown-up life was just like my childhood – running around luscious green fields, feeding the farm cows, chasing and being chased by hens, goats, cousins, the wind in my hair, the rain on my face, the smell of the earth after a rain, and the sound of non-stop laughter.

It was a sad day, when I realised that my wish was just that – a wish! Its been a personal mission for me to recreate the magic of my childhood in any way possible and contribute to clean air, smiling faces, nourishing food, happier homes all with a sense of awe and gratitude. Thus I found my way to CityGreens – here I help people sow, plant, nurture, care and harvest plants. Through plants a better home and life.

When I was not running around and playing with my cousins and farm animals I also managed to do my B.Tech and MBA.

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