Plants are living beings. Just like all other living beings, they need nutrition too.  Plant's largely draw their nutritional needs from the soil which itself does not contain any nutrients. Yet, it acts as a storehouse of nutrients that get added to it naturally – through the atmosphere, weathering of rocks, bacterial conversion, decomposed animal waste etc or artificially – by adding of fertilizers, manures, compost etc. For all gardening set-ups, to get optimal yield, soil needs to be enriched periodically by addition of nutrients.  

Understanding this need, our research team at CityGreens has created a range of precision liquid nutrient blends. These can be used in all gardening set-ups, whether soil based or soil-less. Being liquid, they are easily absorbed by roots and show visible results within a few days.

Usage instructions:

Each one of our solutions come with usage instructions on the label. Please note that the labeled dose is full strength dose for grown-up plants. For smaller plants/saplings, use 1/3rd of the recommended dose. Also, when introducing any nutrient solutions to your plants for the first time, it is always a good idea to start with a smaller dose and work your way up gradually giving your plants time to adjust. Reduce the dose if you notice brown edges on leaf tips.

CG Nutrient Solution Range