CityGreen's range of products has been carefully curated to ensure maximum benefits to the plants. Each of the products is extensively tested at CityGreen's Research Centre with a variety of plants before it is commercially launched. For every product that makes it to the market, there are around 20 that don't. This ensures that you always get the best quality product for your plants.

Seed Starter Kit

Our seed starter kit gives you an opportunity to experience the process of soil-less growing up-close. Start from seeds and explore different media like Cocopeat, Hydrotons, and Net-pots that are commonly used by Urban Growers.

Soil-less Growing Media

One of the healthier ways to reduce pests is to replace the soil with another sterile growing media. By eliminating soil, a lot of soil-based pests also get eliminated. We provide export quality Cocopeat and Hydrotons as an alternative to soil.


Think of these as the Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats for the plants. These are the nutrients that plants need in higher quantity. Without these, the plants may not survive at all.


Think of these as the Vitamins and the Minerals of the plants' world. A deficiency in any of these will adversely affect crop yields and lower the plants' immunity, making it difficult for them to withstand pests and diseases.

Yield Booster

Think of these as the growth supplement for the plant. If used during the bloom (flowering/fruiting) phase, these can increase the yield and fruit size. It also protects the plants like tomato, cucumber, peppers, etc against blossom end rot.

pH Balancer

Plants' roots can absorb nutrients only in specific pH (acidity) zone. No matter how much nutrients you add, outside of the pH zone, the roots will not be able to absorb any. pH balancer helps balance pH of the growing media (water/soil/cocopeat).

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